The Dispensation of Grace

I am excited about discussing why I believe we are closer to the return of Christ than any other time before. In this video, I will be teaching on the Dispensation of Grace (which is the dispensation of time that we are living in today) and the signs that reveal what will be occurring when it comes to a close. At the close of this dispensation, Jesus will return and the events chronicled in the Book of Revelation will be played out.

Racism is a Sin

People have had this problem of racism forever. Over human history, mankind has often imagined that they are somehow better than someone else based on the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or their social status. Sadly, God’s people have even tried to justify their own racism, but the Bible is clear. God says in James 2:9 “if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.” Racism is a SIN!

The Lord’s Supper: Do This in Remembrance of Me

Continuing the theme of “Getting back to the Basics”, in this sermon, I explain one of the ordinances of the Church: The Lord’s Supper. It is a holy and a precious time to remember the sacrifice that Jesus has made for the Christian, but we must be wise to remember to prepare ourselves for partaking in it. Three things are revealed to us in 1 Corinthians 11 in order to partake in the Lord’s Supper in a worthily manner.

Bible Prophecy: The Dispensations of Promise and Law

Without a proper understanding of dispensations, a Christian can become very confused about how the scripture applies to their lives today. You may think that you are to continue in the Old Testament Law and stone witches and homosexuals! That is certainly not true, but witchcraft and homosexuality are still wrong morally. This study on the dispensations of Promise and Law will help us understand the difference and reveal how folks were saved before the cross.

Bible Prophecy: The First Three Dispensations

The first three dispensations recognized in the classical dispensational hermeneutic are Innocence, Conscience, and Government. These three span a large amount of human history but only cover the first 11 chapters of the Bible. As we go through them, in addition to observing each particular dispensation, I also want us to see how God’s gift of salvation has always been possible in the same way: By grace, through faith. Please make sure to stay tuned to the end when my friend Dr. Dean Haun ( will describe a little known prophecy concerning Noah’s sons in a clip from a recent episode of Today with Christ.

I AM NOT Ashamed!!

The most basic element of a church is that we are a group of individuals who have been saved by grace through faith and are now unashamed of Jesus Christ and His message. Sadly, many modern churches are very confused on shame. What they should be ashamed of, they are proud of, and what they shouldn’t be ashamed of, of that, they are ashamed! I learned long ago that Jesus called me not to be ashamed of Him or His message. Romans 1:16 clearly informs us of the attitude we should have if we call ourselves a Christian: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

I hope you will take the time to watch this sermon that I preached on July 2, 2017 and learn how to restore the biblical balance concerning shame in your life and, perhaps, even in your church’s life.

Bible Prophecy: What is a Dispensation?

I am beginning a new Wednesday night Bible study on prophecy at the church that I am blessed to pastor: Sunrise Baptist Church. I attempted to record the first service this past Wednesday and all of the sound quit after 2 minutes! I concluded that either the devil didn’t want people to hear my message or the Lord said “You can do better than that!” So, I used the production studio at Today with Christ and re-taught the message from my notes. I pray that this series will help you see the big picture of the Bible and that you will either join us on Wednesday nights or subscribe to my Youtube Channel to follow the teachings.

Revelation 19:10 states “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” This means that the true purpose of prophecy is to bear testimony to the Person and work of Jesus Christ! “Prophecy,” says Charles C. Ryrie, “is designed to unfold the loveliness of Jesus.” As we begin this study of Bible Prophecy, that is the one thing I want us to carry with us throughout the journey. First lesson: What is a Dispensation?