Bible Prophecy: What is a Dispensation?

I am beginning a new Wednesday night Bible study on prophecy at the church that I am blessed to pastor: Sunrise Baptist Church. I attempted to record the first service this past Wednesday and all of the sound quit after 2 minutes! I concluded that either the devil didn’t want people to hear my message or the Lord said “You can do better than that!” So, I used the production studio at Today with Christ and re-taught the message from my notes. I pray that this series will help you see the big picture of the Bible and that you will either join us on Wednesday nights or subscribe to my Youtube Channel to follow the teachings.

Revelation 19:10 states “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” This means that the true purpose of prophecy is to bear testimony to the Person and work of Jesus Christ! “Prophecy,” says Charles C. Ryrie, “is designed to unfold the loveliness of Jesus.” As we begin this study of Bible Prophecy, that is the one thing I want us to carry with us throughout the journey. First lesson: What is a Dispensation?


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