What Do YOU Believe?

What do you believe? Your beliefs will shape everything about you.
Last week, I discussed Pharisees. The Pharisees represent a group that we still see in churches today. They believe the Bible, but also add their traditions to it. They can’t see the truth for the clouds of men’s teachings overshadowing it. I pray that, through this message, you can cast off traditions and fill yourself with the pure Word of God. This is the only truth that will matter in the end.


Creation: By Chance or By Design?

One of the most fundamental truths of Christianity is that God created the world and universe. Science, flowing from this understanding, actually began as a study of a logically, designed universe. Unfortunately, at the advent of the acceptance of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, science began a downward spiral into basing the origin of all things on billions of random, chance events! Today, our culture feels the impact of decades of this misinformation as millions see themselves as little more than animals with no divine purpose!

Find the truth about your origins in this episode of Today with Christ.